Finally, drug-free pain relief actually works.


Total Power :         45 watts

Wavelength:         810nm (15 watts), 980nm (15 watts), 1064 (15 watts)

Delivery Rate:        45 Joules/sec (continuous wave)

Best Application:  Chiropractors, Pain Clinics

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BioPhotonica’s ReGen Laser ST model is a great option for the professional chiropractor and pain clinic markets.  The ST makes use of the same wavelengths as the SD (810 & 980), and adds the 1064nm wavelength for an extra boost of deep penetrating pain and inflammation control. At a combined maximum power of 45 watts, this laser will provide quick results and relief for your patients.  Like all ReGen lasers, the ST includes an extensive protocol library with multi-step protocols and an easy-to-use interface to make treatments quick, easy and efficient.  Check out the ReGen laser family for lasers that surpass the capabilities of systems costing 2 to 3 times as much.


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