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Total Power :         60.3 watts

Wavelength:          810nm (20 watts), 980nm (20 watts), 915nm (20 watts), 650nm (300 milliwatts)

Delivery Rate:       60.3 Joules/sec (continuous wave)

Best Application:  Our most powerful and comprehensive laser

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BioPhotonica’s ReGen SQ quad wavelength laser is the new standard for high-performance class-4 lasers in the photobiomodulation therapy market. With our proprietary Stim-Cell™ Technology, the ReGen Laser combines high-efficiency wavelengths, intelligent accessories, and multi-step factory protocols to deliver unparalleled balance and performance. Despite being priced competitively, the ReGen Laser surpasses the performance of systems costing 2 or 3 times as much, making it one of the most cost-effective lasers on the market. With up to 60.3 watts of power and a 5-year warranty, the ReGen Laser offers the best balance of quality, performance, and value.


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